My site serves the dual purpose of displaying my drawings and maintaining a portfolio of my graphic design and illustration background. I was named in Advertising Age as 'One of the Best & Brightest Young People in Advertising', and have created award-winning campaigns and outstanding graphic solutions for a wide range of clients over many years. I have been both an art and creative director, but have often worked as a freelancer, allowing me to devote time to other important aspects of my life.

One of these is my life-long study of the martial arts, in which I hold multiple black belts as well as a Renshi grade, and teach both jujutsu and kobudo (traditional weapons). I have also spent much time deep-woods backpacking, camping and fly fishing.

All of my experiences are reflected in my drawing work. My foremost and ongoing concerns are with moods, reflections on life and nature, and mirroring things and moments I have experienced and care about.

My logo is a visual expression of a Japanese term, "Kenbun Ichi", essentially "sword and pen are one". Its concept is that the pursuit of things scholarly and artistic, as well as the study of the traditional warrior inherently belong together, balancing each other within the person. This philosophy is my life and work.


My drawings can also be viewed on Facebook under my name or on Instagram under david_terrell_art. If you would like to inquire about purchasing an original drawing or print, have questions or comments, please ...